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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  August 11, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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than 1500 gallons per minute. also put the color coding as it has. a spokesperson says this is not a problem in their testing, but human error relies on the color coding and agrees with wasa. >> how do you know there are not other mistakes? >> we have a high level of confidence to do these testings. and this is the first instance that we come across. >> i'm lindsey in loudoun county. both of the dogs police believe are responsible for killing a 20-year-old in leesburg, are being kept at the loudoun county animal shelter. >> they are not happy. they were highly aggressive yesterday at the scene. >> a preliminary autopsy report confirms carter was killed by two pit bulls in the basement of his home. >> the bite marks actually struck artilies that control the flow of blood through the brain. >> chris jones with leesburg police says the large dogs also killed a small pug mix. he also says it is possible
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carter tried to stop it. >> were they going after that smaller pet dog and was carter trying to rescue the small pet dog from the pit bulls? >> the family is deciding what to do with the dogs, it will likely not be their decision. >> if they choose not to euthanize, the judge will have to order for the dog to be put down. >> a woman was attacked by two men and sexually assaulted. she had come to check on a relative's empty house. >> i think it's very sad. >> it happened friday evening around 6:30 along gum spring road near braddock road. >> one of the men allegedly held her down and another man sexually assaulted her. they left the scene, she drove herself to a local hospital where she did receive treatment. >> the area is dotted with few homes, but near heavy traffic. >> the perfect cross over road from loudoun county. so especially when school is open, the road is backed up all the time.
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this is high traffic areas. i can't believe something like this would happen. in this area. >> detectives are working with the victim to come up with descriptions of the suspects. topper is here with our 9forecast first. not so bad out there today. the heat wave is summering down. >> 97 on monday, 93 today. ting people hog riinredild ctn. pe rr. hold intoowmo ta s morrow. let's talk about tew. e arabe no tytore as . eye 90 toasty. 90 wndo. wnto 88 88manaas 89 ss i89 fredericksburg. there's fr ericksburg. there's ai yo air. you heelfe wel wn you n outside. that's why we empzeoutsidhae. that's why we emphasize at exci exercise er inthe mo infr ic hen in frederick and it is still heat index of 102 wndo in fredericksburg. for tonight, partly cloudy, still muggy. a few thunderstorms are possible. low temperatures 68 to 76. we'll come back. we'll track some of those thunderstorms on live doppler. also talk about the meteor
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shower as well. derek. >> thanks. three people are hospitalized after a carbon monoxide leak is found at an ocean city hotel. it happened this morning at the americans hotel on the board walk. ocean city police say they found the relatively high levels of the deadly gas on the three highest floors of the seven story building. >> we were just woke up and the alarm went off and we ran down the stairs. >> the source of that leak is still under investigation. an update now on an explosion that destroyed a dc home. 9news now learned that mechanical failure was the cause of the blast. dc fire says a failure in the pipe leading to the heating system caused a gas buildup. investigators say nearby construction on nebraska avenue not a factor. that homeowner was away visiting friends out of town when the explosion happened. >> there is new information tonight in the story about a bruised and battered pit bull who was tossed into a dumpster
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to die. apparently the loser and an illegal dog fight. the dc woman who made the discovery is talking for the first time to 9news now and bruce johnson has our followup report. >> she only wants her first name to be used and she is so shaken at what she found outside her apartment last week when she tossed her trash into the dumpster. >> i noticed that something was moving, but it was not coming out. all i saw was a lot of flies. i looked and there was a dog just breathing, like helpless, looking at me like help me. >> a young female pit bull had been tossed into the dumpster. her face so swollen with most of her battered body stuffed into a tightly wound plastic bag. the law enforcement officer was called to the apartment building on 9 street to pull her out of the dumpster where she had been left to die. >> she had chewed a hole in the bag to get her head free. >> she has a lot of swelling under here. >> the pit bull was given the
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name, trooper. >> whether or not it was a dog fight or she was attacked by dogs, she has pingture wounds all over her head and neck. >> residents of this private building tell me they are not allowed to have dogs. they are convinced that whatever happened to the pit bull that ended up in the garbage dumpster happened somewhere else. trooper underwent more surgeries today in upper northwest washington. the facility says her medical bills are running into the thousands of dollars and they are accepting donations. the reward for information leading to an arrest for those responsible for this crime is now $1500. >> it is hurting to know that someone would hurt a dog like that. i mean, animals deserve to be treated way better than that and i don't think anybody should have brought the dog here. >> bruce johnson, 9news now and >> and donations to help in the care and rehabilitation can be made to the washington humane society at >> the story has been by far
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the most viewed on our website today. among the comments, this one from creek frk. it is so wrong that these people think it's okay to use a dog however they choose. the dog has no say. it hurts to think about the agonizing pain and fear these poor dogs suffer. and mother of two boys says if people can watch this be done to an animal, they can watch this be done to a human being. michael vick is still a man without a football team. so you can imagine the attention his agent received when he showed up at redskins park today. joel met with the skin's executive vice president of football operations. now he says he is confident vick will hook up with the team, but today's meeting had nothing to do with vick. >> jason and le'ron, rob thomas, watch my guys practice, spend time with vinnie. talking to a host of clubs and confident he will be with the team. >> no chance.
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>> the redskins are gearing up for their first preseason game of the year. it's thursday night, the baltimore ravens are the opponent. >> she was born into one of the most famous families in u.s. history. eunice kennedy shriver will be remembered for much more. kennedy shriver founded the special olympics showing the world that the mentally disabled can soar on the competition. >> i liked her because she really believed in us. >> have you ever seen a special olympics? i mean, it is special. the name fits. to see those children out there and cast aside. now they have a place in something in society for them. >> important stuff. eunice kenneve shr riwas 88 years old. the funeral arrangements are
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still pending. cl) b@fa
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general motors says the new chevy vault will get 230 miles a gallon in the city. there are questions about recharging stations, because this is an all electric car. where are recharging stations? get 40 miles per charge. another question out there. if the goal is to get hundreds of thousands of these on the road, how will that affect an already taxed electricity grid? good answer. some of those questions, director of the maryland energy administration. welcome. thanks for coming in. if you can buy a vault now, which you can't. will there be any place outside of your own garage to charge it up? >> they are trying to design these cars so you can plug them in with the same kind of plugs that work with your laundry machine. >> when summertime comes, the grid is always over taxed. if there were a lot of these
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cars, could the grid handle it? >> that's a good point. we live in an area with heavy congestion on the grid. the hope is that folks will recharge these vehicles at night. most people travel 20 miles. to promise to revolutionize our environment and kind of get ourselves energy dependent and off of mideast oil is tremendous. >> you sound like you have two minds. part of you say this is good. the other part says maybe we can handle it, and maybe we can't. >> nothing is easy. i'm excited by the promise, but we have to design it right. >> let's talk about what is going on in maryland. this huge transmission from west virginia to virginia to maryland that is running into problems. at the same time, you are talking about a smart grid that would hopefully have us use less power. talk about how that would play into an all electric car. >> governor o'malley is
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working hard to show clean energy. you have to do all things at the same time. new generation, new transmission and get our electric cars and alternative transportation fuel so we can be cleaner. we have to do all of it. >> we know how expensive some of these things are. talk at the opposition and how you guys will overcome that. >> we know no one wants these in their backyard. we have to figure out ways so we can avoid these. >> is there a sort of critical mas of electric cars that have to be on the road before you'll start having the investment in recharging station, or perhaps the other way around. the recharging stations before people buy the electric cars. seem st like you have a chicken and egg problem. >> folks recharging their cars at home, at night, when a lot of those power plants aren't running. that's when electricity is the least expensive. new malls and new office buildings are being built today
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with recharging stations in areas so that they will be prepared for electric cars when we get there. > we hope it all comes together. thanks for being here, we appreciate it. coming up, why catching some z's during the day is gaining some popularity. what you don't know about your napping neighbors up next.
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well, it all begins with your eyelids getting heavy and it ends with your head snapping
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back and forth. you my friend need an afternoon nap. there's a new study suggesting that preschoolers are not the only ones that will do better if they get one. a survey says a third of big people acknowledge getting some midday shut eye and joining us this evening, paul taylor, executive vice president. we know we think four-year-olds need naps. what made you decide that big people could use them as well? >> we did a big survey on aging in america. we asked a battery of questions. did you do any of the following? did you drive a car? did you go shopping? did you get into an argument? did you take a nap? did you have trouble sleeping? what we found is that in a typical day, 1/3 of american adults take a nap. this is true of adults in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 70s. adults in their 80s, napping goes up half of adults in their 80s take a nap.
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across the board, 1/3 of the country is taking naps. >> is it because we don't get enough sleep at night? >> there's a correlation there. we also asked that question and a quarter of the nation said i had trouble sleeping. men take more naps than women, especially men over the age of 50. >> what's this all about? >> i don't know. women have more trouble sleeping than men. >> wait a second, men have more sleeping, but men take more naps. go figure. >> what's the average length of this nap? >> we didn't ask. and so we really don't know. when we ask a question like that, people say yeah, i nodded off for five minutes when i was in the metro on the way into work or no, i retreated to the bed. i put my head down and i was there for an hour. >> that's the thing. you got your dozers, just barely hanging on and folks who purposely taking a nap. >> exactly. >> the other thing we asked, we were able to find out whether there's more napping on
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weekdays or weekends. most people would guess weekends. not true. as many on weekdays as weekends because about half the country doesn't go to work. if you add up all the retirees, and they take more naps during the week. >> what's the big conclusion? >> i don't know whether naps are good or bad. there's a pro napping and an antinapping contingent. on a typical day, 1/3 of us take a nap. nap time is not just for kids. >> that's a good conclusion. nap time is a good thing. thank you, sir. we appreciate it. we'll be right back. well do not buy these items. in tonight's living smart focus, you aught to avoid at neighborhood yard or garage sales. a round up of thllcare caemth iteys theyemwant to get e th r fo. od t r foof. od first of all, play school travel ghli travel lighyard. mpcaercamp ard s.ay yards. magnetic building sets. easy bake ovens and hooded draw
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string sweatshirt. see the rest of the list and get a good look at these items. log on to and click on living smart. >> should a woman change her name when she gets married? a new study by the foundation found that 70% of americans somewhat or strongly believe that a woman should take her husband's last name. in fact, 29% say it is better for a woman to keep her own name and nearly half of all respondents think the government should make women change their last name when they marry? wow. okay what do you think? in the year 2009, what does it matter? why does it matter? does it matter to you? and what about those very rare men who take their wives last name? are they really nice, modern gentleman? or are they wimps? check it all in the mcginty's mail bag.
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i might be mr. hilton. that would be all right. >> exactly, exactly. we are looking at 93 today. we were 97 yesterday. so we are going in the right direction. everything is going down. the temperatures are going down. and the chance for thunderstorms is increasing. here's your forecast first. the next three days, we have temperatures in the 80s. mid 80s tomorrow. mid 80s essentially thursday and friday. showers and thunderstorms possible each day. we get a frontal system close to us, it will play cat and mouse with us and keep us with a chance of showers for a while. tonight, partly cloudy, muggy, a few thunderstorms are possible. low 68 to 76. still kind of tough in the city. mid 70s. let me show you live doppler 9,000. there are a couple storms we are watching. most of which are well to the north of us. montgomery county is clear. prince georges county is clear. dc, and also loudoun county and fairfax. but off to the east, we have a pretty good storm. this is what is going to happen in the next hour. most of the storms moving from northwest to southeast.
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another pulls out of haggerstown. we'll track a couple for you. no reports of severe weather. we have a flood warning in effect in adams county. we'll start with the storm to the east of us. this just popped up really in the last 40 minutes as they often do. it's a big storm now. across 2, go into shady side as rain fall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour. it will go into the bay. might see a marine warning issued with that storm. put this into motion, it runs generally eastward into the bay and eventually into the delmarva. the other storm is off to the north and to the west. the second storm up in this area. most of them are moving northwest to southeast. it's a big storm around smithburg and fairmont. where is this one going to go? southeastward, headed towards woods burrow and also winds in the next hour, probably stay just north of i-70 over toward
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walkersville in the next hour as it crosses 15. again, there are your storms. they are few and far between. they are still in the forecast tonight. back to the computer. temperature wise, well we are in good shape. 86 gaithersburg. 87 in woodbridge and 87 in fredericksburg. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and warm. 70s and 80s. winds northerly. by afternoon, partly cloudy and warm. more thunderstorms possible, but i'll take that with a high of 85 and light winds. here's a forecast now for some of the zones. virginia side, mid 80s middleburg. resten, 86. 85 or so in manasas. storms possible. downtown, 86. 84 in annapolis. 85 in plum point, and yes, storms are possible. satellite picture, visible picture, the bright white clouds are the ones that bring the heavy storms and they are off to our northwest. next seven days, mid 80s wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday. upper 80s by saturday, actually. storms in the forecast. not all day. and derek, we are around 90 on
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sunday, monday, and tuesday. a few thunderstorms are possible, although less of a chance as we get into next week. >> all right, thank you topper. appreciate it. from our weird news file, you thought he was odd at governor, check out rod glag vie vetch blagojevich now. yeah, he is doing an elvis song. the governor well established fans of elvis. the party paid him for this. he is not saying how much he got, only the sum of it went for a charity. ma
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in the mail bag tonight, animal abuse. tonight we had an update for you on that sad story about the dog now named trooper who was put in a plastic bag, thrown in a dumpster, and left for dead. trooper is doing okay, we are left with a big question. why does it seem we are seeing so many cases of dogs being treated so harshly. betty says it is a matter of that good old 24 hour a day news cycle. twenty years ago, what we now consider abuse was thought to
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be normal training for dogs. nowadays, people use tried and true methods, like clicker training and positive reenforcement. therefore, it's likely there is less abuse, but we are much more aware of the abuse that still exists. i think it is just being reported on more, which is a good thing. devon is not so sure there's not actual madness behind the method. i think there's an underlying rage and people are taking it out on animals. losing one's job might provoke actions. maybe it's a very unhealthy feel. hurting animals is displaced aggression and there is a lot of that in today's society. i checked out a website called pet where they claim to keep track of such things and according to them. reported cases of animal abuse in this country is rising steadily, going from 483 in 2000, peeking at more than 2700
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in '06. but since then, those numbers have been going back down. so far this year, they report just 542 cases. the website warns that a lot of cases go unreported. what do you make of this? mcginty's mail bag doesn't exist without your e-mail. that is our report. i'll be back here tonight at 11:00 along with anita brikman. incredible video from a rescue caught on tape. we'll see you then. bye. ówlaóob@fab@fab@fa
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this is "entertainment tonight" in high definition. brad and angelina back in hollywood, waving to the fans. working the crowd. >> perhaps the best entrance. ever. >> always good. always good. >> "e.t." was the first red carpet stop. the goatee, the glasses. >> i'm a slave to fashion. and his gorgeous co-star's versace wardrobe malfunction. >> oh, no. tonight's "e.t." alert. channing tatum's stripping past. michael jackson sister on "dancing with the stars." which is janet or la toya? plus, which celebrity is helping lisa marie cope with michael's death. i screwed up my life. my kids' life. >> octomom's new reality show series. in a bed full of babies and full of regrets. >> what was i thinking? and -- fake eyelashes. fake teeth.


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